Why should i buy organic meals over conventional meals?

Why should i buy organic meals over conventional meals?

Organic meals have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and for good reason. While standard meals may be convenient and affordable, they are often laden with pesticides, hormones, and other harmful chemicals that can negatively impact our health and the environment. In contrast, organic meals are grown and prepared without the use of these harmful substances, making them a healthier and more sustainable choice. In this blog post, we will explore some of the many reasons why organic meals are better than standard meals.

  1. Organic meals are healthier

One of the primary reasons why people choose organic meals over standard meals is because they are healthier. Organic foods are free from harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, which have been linked to a variety of health problems, including cancer, reproductive issues, and developmental delays. Additionally, organic meals are often more nutrient-dense than standard meals, as they are grown in nutrient-rich soil without the use of synthetic fertilizers. This means that organic meals are not only safer but also more nourishing for our bodies.

  1. Organic meals are better for the environment

Another important reason to choose organic meals over standard meals is because they are better for the environment. Organic farming practices focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Organic farmers use methods like crop rotation, natural pest control, and composting to maintain soil health and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. This reduces pollution and soil erosion, which can have a significant impact on the environment. Additionally, organic farms tend to have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional farms, as they use less energy and produce less waste.

  1. Organic meals taste better

Many people who have tried organic meals attest to their superior taste. This is because organic foods are often fresher and more flavorful than their conventional counterparts. Organic farmers typically grow smaller crops, which allows them to focus on quality rather than quantity. Additionally, organic farmers often use traditional, time-tested farming methods that allow the food to mature naturally, resulting in a more robust flavor.

  1. Organic meals support local farmers

Choosing organic meals over standard meals also has a positive impact on local farmers. Organic farming practices are often more labor-intensive than conventional farming methods, meaning that organic farmers rely more heavily on human labor. This creates more jobs and supports the local economy. Additionally, buying organic foods from local farmers helps to reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions associated with shipping food from other parts of the country or world.

In conclusion, organic meals are a healthier, more sustainable, and often tastier option than standard meals. 

We are challenging that price points on these meals and trying to create a fair playing ground in choosing organic and non organic options.

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