With a goal to change the way we as a society eat, Organic Meals was founded on getting us back to the ‘bare roots’ mindset. Taking us away from consuming produce covered with pesticides and insecticides and challenging the idea that if it is bad for bugs, it is ultimately bad for us. 

Our ready made meals are 100% certified organic, we are able to achieve this through sourcing all our vegetables from our farm in Oamaru. Our farm is guided by principles that when we work with the land, the land works with us. We ensure our soil is naturally enriched to give you the best end result in the flavour of our vegetables, this is achieved by composting and returning any waste to the soil. These principles are highlighted by our award winning produce. By using only organic produce in our meals, our flavour-filled meals are unrivalled, packed with natural goodness with quality second to none. 

From our humble beginnings with our small Thai takeaway shop in Queenstown, to taking on and owning the farm and multiple takeaway shops, we strive to provide top quality produce and meals New Zealand wide. With our current goal to provide organic, healthy and nutritious meals readily available at home, we are continually growing and aim to be top of mind for all things organic.

Our team, behind the scenes, is the driving force for this change - so why not introduce them!

James Porteous

Founder and visionary behind Organic Solutions, James started small with our flagship Organic Thai2go takeaway shop in Queenstown, which has since branched out to Cromwell and Wanaka. Furthermore, after seeing a gap in the market, James aimed to push the boundaries by creating quick and healthy veggie filled meals, supplied primarily by the farm in Oamaru.

Adam Upham

Our head chef Adam Upham has taken on the challenge of expanding to ready made organic meals. Having worked in airline catering and àl a carte restaurants in both New Zealand and Australia, he has seen the regression from high quality produce and cuisine to sub par and tasteless meals with cheap imported ingredients. Adam presents restaurant quality meals at home for you!

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